The Enhanced Tactile Situational Awareness System (eTSAS) is an advanced situational awareness (SA) tool that uses the sensory channel of touch to provide situational awareness information to pilots. Learn More.


NavCom uses the human sensory channel of touch to provide navigation and SA information. Warfighers wear a lightweight self-contained belt around their torso containing miniature vibrotactile actuators, or ‘tactors’. Configured as a stand-alone system, or running as an app on the Nett Warrior system, NavCom provides haptic navigation and communication cues silently and intuitively to the Warfighter. Learn More.

Sensory Kinetics

The Sensory Kinetics Hardened Vestibular Rehabilitation and Balance Training system can assist military medical personnel in the assessment and rehabilitation of patients with balance deficits. The ruggedized field-hardened system provides continuous, real-time sensory feedback in the form of body referenced tactile cues to augment the human balance control system. Tactile cueing may be applied independently or in combination with visual and audible feedback. The system hardware, assessment and therapy protocols are scalable and configurable for patient needs. Learn More.