Tactor Development Kit

The Tactor Development kit (TDK) is an application interface (API) for all of the EAI tactile controller products. The TDK contains a user interface (UI) to communicate directly with EAI controllers and to test tactile parameters and patterns. The TDK also contains a DLL or library files and associated documentation (examples) that you can use to integrate the technology into your own code-base or application.

The TDK is Free with purchase of a controller

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TDK-UI (User Interface):

The TDK-UI Provides an easy to use / out of the box capability to control tactile hardware any many different ways: from pulsing a single tactor to playing a TAction created with our TAction Creator.

TDK-API (Application Program Interface:

The TDK-API provides extensibility of EAI’s tactor technology into custom software solutions.
Supported APIS
C/C++                                Supported Platforms
C#                                       Windows
Java                                    Linux
MATLAB*                         Android*
LABVIEW*                       Unity Plugin Package*
NEUROBS*                      Android Plugin Package*

*Additional fees may apply

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